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B2B Insight Guides to help you find new customers

We know the value of research when it comes to developing your B2B sales & marketing strategies, so we have created a series of downloadable B2B insight guides and e-books which cover a range of topics including B2B lead generation, finding new customers and social selling. Including top tips and best practice advice, these straightforward guides are focused on giving you the tools to help grow your business and generate more revenue. 

Guide to Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

How can Social Media Marketing help your business?

This downloadable guide from our Communicating B2B Series looks at how you can use Social Media Marketing within your business. We look at what Social Media Marketing can offer B2B companies and the types of social media platforms that might be best suited for your business.

We also consider social media scheduling platforms that can help you plan a more effective Social Media Marketing strategy.

Guide to the B2B Buying Process

The B2B Buying Process

How do potential customers choose a new supplier? 

This downloadable guide from our Communicating B2B Series looks at how you can turn your lead generation into new customers.

We look at the purchasing group, review the stages of the buying process and give you some insight into how you can engage more effectively with potential buyers at each stage of the process. 

Guide to Targeting, Segmenting & Profiling

Targeting, Segmenting & Profiling

Have you considered how targeting, segmenting and profiling can help to generate leads and get you new customers?

This downloadable guide from our Communicating B2B Series looks at how you should profile your customer base, what this entails and how to implement the process.

We also consider the importance of segmentation and the potential benefits for your lead generation.

What are the best lead generation techniques?

What are the best lead generation techniques?

A look at some of the different lead generation models you can use

This downloadable guide from our B2B Communicating Series looks at some of the different ways to generate leads and offers advice on getting the most from each activity.

The range of lead generation techniques we focus on includes email marketing, social media, website SEO, trade shows and online display ads. 

Sales Ebook - How to Survive the Digital Revolution

How to survive the digital revolution

How can you use sales intelligence to grow your business?

This downloadable sales e-book looks at how the growth of Big Data has helped social selling to become a powerful strategy that can help sell ideas, establish credibility and help to win new customers.

We consider the importance of time & data management and how your approach to sales might need to adapt in order to take advantage of the opportunities that can be won through business sales intelligence.