COBCOE – Representing British Business Organisations in Europe

COBCOE - Representing British Business Organisations in Europe

The Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe (or COBCOE as it is popularly referred to) is an independent, non-profit organisation representing British chambers of commerce and business associations throughout Europe. Acting as an umbrella company, it works with its members to advance international trade and business. COBCOE was founded and continues to operate with a clear aim: to protect and promote the collective interests of its members (and their business members) through united representation, cooperation and trade stimulation.

COBCOE offers a platform for trade and investment support, commercial services, and guidance for best practice in business through its network of over 40 members in Europe. It also provides assistance to a further 50 affiliated chambers of commerce and business associations in the UK and globally. This worldwide network not only provides access to local market expertise, but also assists in building the local relationships and stakeholder engagement that helps businesses to succeed.

The business process needs to be fluid, connected and transparent. COBCOE advocates the benefits of properly linked commerce, and seeks to promote efficiency through opening untapped markets to members and stakeholders, expediting transactions, aiding with relationship building by putting key decision makers together, and providing access to multi-lateral connections.

COBCOE’s network and its operations are built upon the highest standards of ethics and professional standards. Members are required to undergo accreditation, comply with quality benchmarks, and participate in programs for continuous improvement.

Special programmes and initiatives are successfully leveraging COBCOE’s network, and now promoting its benefits beyond Europe.

COBCOE & Kompass – Working together to maximise your business potential

Partnerships and alliances are good for business. Knowing this, COBCOE and Kompass have partnered up to provide a fantastic business service to COBCOE chambers, affiliates, member business and strategic partner, offering preferential subscription rates for COBCOE members and affiliates. By taking advantage of this union, COBCOE members can access Kompass’s extensive global business database, giving you in-depth business information for over 20 million companies across 70 countries at the touch of your fingertips.

Members are then able to define and focus on target markets – tailoring the information to build accurate marketing lists, identifying new customers and researching competitors – making this a great tool if you are looking to expand into new areas of business, or just build on your existing market position.