Digital marketing in the coronavirus lockdown

For many companies, the coronavirus pandemic has completely changed their world of business. Building brands and putting out positive messages are still important, but dwindling demand for products and services and declining marketing budgets mean companies need to find the most cost-effective ...

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How to build a successful online advertising strategy 
We take a look at how to build a successful online advertising strategy and improve your traffic ranking,
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18 ways to promote your business with BOOSTER PREMIUM on Kompass
With a Booster Premium company profile on you will have 18 different ways to promote your business
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Preparing your business for a ‘no deal' EU exit with the Partnership pack
How can you prepare your business for a 'no deal' EU exit? The Partnership pack has been prepared by the UK government in an effort to support business in the case of a 'no deal' scenario. We also provide links to useful support and resources.
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Why your business should be listed in an online directory
To grow your business locally or abroad, it is essential to make sure that your company can be found easily online. We look at the benefits of listing your company in an online directory in order to drive relevant enquiries which are focused on the products and services you offer.
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