Cookie Policy 

Our website uses cookies to analyse visitors’ navigation on our website. Here you will find more information about cookies, particularly the way we use them and the way you can have control over this.

By navigating on our site, you then accept the use of cookies, the usage of which is described below.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files, issued by a server and placed on your device (computer, tablet, mobile phone) when navigating on websites. We mostly use cookies to help with your navigation on our site, to memorize your preferences or select an ad which is relevant. Cookies behave as a hard disk for websites, allowing them to recognize your device when you come back to that website.

We also use these files to run statistics on the frequency of your visits and the way in which you came to our site. We measure the number of pages viewed, the number of visits as well as your site activity and return frequency, using Kompass internal & partner solutions.

We would like to bring to your attention, that for both subscribers to our online services, as well as the casual user, whose devices’ browsers are set up to refuse cookies, that access to certain services might be altered and maybe impossible.

The different types of cookies

Session and permanent cookies

A session cookie only stays during the current navigation session; it is deleted once the browser is closed. However, a permanent cookie is setup for a fixed period of time.

Third party cookies

Cookies from third party sites can be setup by services which appear on these third party sites. These cookies are not under the control of the visited site. For more information about the third party cookies, we invite you to go directly on these third-party websites.

What kind of cookie are set up on our website?

You will find below the list of cookies used on

Cookie TypeNatureDescription
Performance, analysis and searching (navigation on Kompass)KompassThese are cookies setup by on your device to meet navigation needs and to optimise and personalise services from our site.
YoutubeThird PartyThese are cookies setup by Youtube, allowing you to view videos hosted on their site. We do not have control over any process operated by Youtube to collect information.
We invite you to go directly to their website to view their confidentiality policy.
Google AnalyticsKompassThese are cookies setup by allowing the analysis of the Kompass platform’s audience and to establish marketing performance indicators. They are attributed to each visitor on a webpage, however a visitor will be given the same login at each visit and therefore will only be counted once.
Advertising Targeting (Realmedia)Third PartyThese are cookies setup by a partner, allowing us to identify your interests while navigating, in order to personalise ad offers, which are addressed to you on the site and outside of it. They are particularly useful to limit the number of time you see an ad and help to measure the efficiency of a web campaign.
Within this partnership, we make sure that our partners strictly respect the modified Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 (applied to the processing of personal data) and commit to setup appropriate measures to secure and protect the confidentiality of data.
Kompass StatisticsKompassThese cookies enable us to know where our users come from.
CANDDIThird PartyThese are cookies setup by CANDDI. We invite you to go directly to their website to view their confidentiality policy.

Disabling cookies

If you are against the use of these cookies, we ask you to deactivate them, in order to prevent them being setup on your device: the way to do this is described below, depending on your browser.

Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8 (Microsoft): Choose Tools < Internet Options < Confidentiality then select the level you wish to apply;

Firefox: Choose Tools < Options < Privacy setting and uncheck Allow cookies.

Change in the use of cookies

Any change in the use of cookies will be subject to an update which will be clearly identified on this page.

For any additional information regarding our use of cookies please contact