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Kompass Public Tenders is our new global tenders service helping companies identify new business opportunities through access to public and private sector bids, helping to create connections between professionals in the same sectors. Access over 50,000 UK and International tenders using our new tenders database.


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Benefit from a powerful and adaptable search engine. Manage your scorecard and alerts system to receive information in real time.


Create your own search profiles with a variety of criteria, depending on your activity and geographic area of interest.


Easily contact other companies to establish collaborations on specific tenders or to gather information.


Key benefits of Kompass Public Tenders  

10Icon1.png Over 50,000 tenders every day   10Icon1.png  145 languages identified   10Icon1.png  Tenders  from 190 countries

  • Largest tenders bidding platform in the world
  • Find the best bids relating to your business sector
  • Access to tenders in more than 190 countries
  • Daily email alerts with new business opportunities
  • Advanced and intuitive search engine
  • Communicate with other professionals and colleagues
  • Develop stable international partnerships


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