Helping you grow your business

Want to find new business leads?

Need to attract more customers?

Looking to connect with new prospects?

Want to engage more effectively with your audience?

Today, capturing business opportunities has never been so challenging. At Kompass we work to provide you with innovative business data & digital marketing solutions, designed to help you reach the right companies.

We understand the challenge to win new business?

In an ever shifting business landscape we all need to evolve and move with the times - whether your company is looking to find new opportunities or simply maintain a positive relationship with your existing customers. 

What makes us different?


Established for more than 70 years as a directory to help international trade, Kompass is now a leading online B2B company data provider, with an international network across 70 countries, with over 10,000 clients globally.


Our data, available in 26 languages, is collected locally from source through dedicated data integrity teams on the ground in each country. All of our lists meet compliance regulations in each region.


Our Kompass teams based around the world locally use their local knowledge and expertise to ensure they collect the depth and quality of business information our customers associate with the Kompass brand.


With accurate & up-to-date information available for millions of companies & contacts, our innovative business data & digital marketing tools will help you find new opportunities to win more customers.

Why use Kompass?

We recognise the challenges faced by every business when looking to find more customers and to put it simply, we offer you a definitive competitive advantage by giving you the opportunity to target your sales & marketing activities on local, national or international level.